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My name is Craig Ford. I ordered the FR-C3 custom molded in-ear monitors earlier this year. When I placed my order, I half expected a second-rate product (considering the prices of all the other brands in the business). I ordered them anyway hoping for a set of monitors that would “get me by” until I could splurge on something that, in my mind at the time, would be higher quality. I received my new Alien Ears monitors a few weeks ago and have been using them extensively. I have to say my original expectations have been SHATTERED. Everything about these monitors screams high quality. They are a perfect fit; almost all other noise is drowned out. They sound AMAZING. On top of that, the cable and included carrying case are superb. In every aspect, I could not have chosen a better set of custom molded in-ear monitors. I am now an Alien Ears customer for life and have already started referring friends. So thanks to everyone at Alien Ears for a fantastic set of monitors and for being a company that broke, working musicians can afford and respect. I also wanted to mention the great customer service I received when I called. While I cannot remember the name of who I spoke with, they were extremely helpful and nice. Thanks, -Craig Ford Love the AE3's my friend...I have used them on several different shows, arena shows and acoustic gigs. Love them. I know our bass player Jeff is getting his...and there will be 2 more band members ordering up real soon... Just wanted to let you know they worked out great! Thanks Richard Jones Thank you for such a quick repair/return of my ear plugs. They arrived at your shop last Thursday (5-26), and Friday being the pre-holiday to Monday’s Memorial Day, I figured they wouldn’t be touched until Tuesday. What a great surprise when I saw the box from Alien Ears yesterday!! I know why I spent the $$ for the custom molded triples. I’m saving my pennies to upgrade to the Quads, I’m hooked. Thanks again and please share this with everyone. Bob Barge. Hello Andre, I spoke with you the other day and I’m happy to say that the email was received shortly after we hung up. This email is just to let you know that I am greatly impressed by your company, I have been wanting custom in ear monitors for several years now but could never afford them. I am excited to get them whenever they arrive. I found that there is some product info on youtube which is helpful but I wanted to let you know that I am planning on doing a “unboxing” of my c2’s when I get them so that other people like myself can have a better idea of what you guys send. So if you want to send any “swag” my way, I won’t shy away from singing your praises J. You Guys ROCK, Daniel Ortega Hi Andre, just wanted to let you know I got my monitors yesterday. The ups guy had stashed the box by the front door. Let me tell you, I am super impressed!, The craftsmanship is awesome on these and even though I bought the less expensive ones, the sound is fantastic!. I listen to a lot of ebooks at work, and I can hear so much more than before, without the volume being an higher. But I think the best part might actually be the fit, much more comfortable than my old earplug style earphones. Thanks very much! Mike Orlando Hello, I just wanted to take some time and thank you again for a great product. Being a business owner myself I know that many people don’t take the time out of their days to say thanks, only complain. I had my single driver in ears for a few years now, never had a single problem with them. Then one faithful day at the gym.. busy gabbing to some friends, I had my monitors hanging around my neck. While racking weight onto a barbell for a set of deadlifts I didn’t notice one of the ears was hanging between two 45lb plates, as I pushed them together I crushed it. Needless to say I was steaming. After sending them back for service I decided to upgraded to the duel drivers and you guys waved the 50 dollar fee. I received them back in the mail today and I could not be happier with the sound. It’s going to amazing to get back into the gym with them. I had a pair of 40 dollar sony ear buds as a back up and I’m so glad to be able to leave them at home now. Nothing compares to a pair of in ears. Please keep up the good work and I’ll be sure to continue to praise your products. Much thanks again! One 100% satisfied customer. George Filippou Finally got them in today. Used them tonight and absolutely loved them. Thank you so much for your help and cooperation. It is greatly appreciated! Thank you, Alex

Mission Control
At Alien Ears we are on a "Save the Hearing" mission to supply hearing protection in the form of earplugs and monitors for musicians (like us) at close to cost.

My Musician brothers & sisters... you must PROTECT YOUR HEARING at all cost, if not with our products then someone elses. The longer you can hear the longer you can gig!

Andre Belloise -
General Manager / Drummer & Singer
Alien TV