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MONITOR INSTRUCTIONS (also see video in Video Faq's)

IMPORTANT: You should always have a limiter inline!!!

This will protect your hearing from excessive volume peaks and save your monitors from a sudden spike resulting in blown drivers


  1. Separate the left and right monitors
  2. With your right hand, hold the right earpiece so that the cable points towards the ground
  3. Pull up the pinna (outer ear) while inserting the canal tip of the earpiece into your ear canal
  4. Slowly rotate the earpiece into place
  5. The earpiece should almost seem to snap into place
  6. The cord has a bendable ear guard in the portion leading up to the ear piece which allows you to manipulate the cord so that it bends up and over your ear similar to the ear-hook on a pair of eyeglasses
  7. Tuck the cord around your ears.
  8. Always drop the cord behind your shirt if possible to avoid the cord being caught on anything!
  9. Always return your monitors back to thier case when not in use.
  • Do not use the cord to remove the monitor from your ear > This will damage the wire.
  • The helix should be freed from your ear first. The outside should be clean only with rubbing alcohol (wipe)
  • Detachable cord users do not remove cords after use
    This should only be done when changing cords…doing so will eventually loosen the socket

Ways to care for and maintain monitors.

The following are a few simple guidelines that can greatly increase your listening enjoyment and the life span of your monitors.

  • Wipe the earpiece with a soft cloth after each use
  • Do not expose your monitors to temperature extremes (i.e. car dashboards)
  • Never immerse your monitors in water
  • Never attempt to clean the ear canals with water
  • Prevent strong impacts to your monitors (i.e. dropping or sharp blows)
  • Always store your monitors in the provided case
  • Never use anything to probe into the sound bore of the monitor except the supplied cleaning tool
  • Regularly check your monitors for earwax. To remove excess cerumen (earwax) from the end of the sound bores, carefully use the cleaning tool,insert the loop end into the canal to clear wax away

Keeping your monitors clean and in a safe environment will give you years of hearing satisfaction!