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Custom Filtered Plugs
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Please choose 9db,15db or 25db filters

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The mothership has captured and enslaved human craftsman to hand design and manufacture all of our custom ear pieces for a perfect fit.
Alien Ears custom filtered hearing protection with 9/15/25db filters, allow musicians to hear while playing and still protect their ears. 

  • Reduced attenuation (better audibility) than the FP15 filter
  • For use when a small amount of protection is adequate
  • Good frequency response
  • 9dB attenuation through 2 kHz



  • Smooth and flat attenuation (reduction)
  • Practically perfect frequency response
  • Provides the same attenuation at all frequencies
  • Minimum occlusion effect with deeply-sealed custom earmolds
  • Most commonly ordered
  • 15dB attenuation



  • Increased attenuation good frequency response
  • Used by drummers and others exposed to high sound levels
  • 25dB attenuation

Comes with standard Alien case and cleaning tool

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