AE2S Dual (single)

THIS IS A SINGLE MONITOR (you choose left or right at checkout)


Same specifications as our AE2 stereo set below but with only a mono monitor (for artist looking to only wear a single monitor w open ear)

note: the included cord is our standard stereo cord




The AE2 proprietary dual driver monitor is a great way to hear and perform better on stage.

If you're looking to move into a custom in ear monitor the AE2 has enough headroom for any monitoring situation
and at the cost of a generic its easy on the cash flow.


The custom AE2 is available with the optional ambient pressure vent, equipt with a special
filter to allow in ambient sound while retaining low end, reducing pressure and maintaining the seal of a full isolation monitor



  • Sensitivity: [email protected]
  • Isolation: +26 to 30db
  • Input Connector: 1/8in. right angled gold plug
  • Frequency response: 20 to 20000Hz
  • Impedance: 20ohm
  • Drivers: 1 Ported Low End and 1 Mid/High

    Dual Balanced Armature Drivers with Integrated Crossover




 What do I really get?

Professional Custom Molded In Ear Monitors (stereo set)
Optional Ambient / Pressure Vent Available
Hard Shelled and Hypoallergenic
Removable 64.5" Twisted Pair Silver Based Cord with Bendable Ear Guards
Initials & Serial Numbers Imprinted on Inside of Monitors
Left and Right Indicators
Cleaning Tool
Collar Clip
Silica Dry Pack
Bumper Sticker
Alien Ears Soft Case



 The Alien difference:

Price is all inclusive (no hidden fee's)
Free impression kit (saves $50-$200)
Free return shipping when completed
Tax included (except FL)
Trade in anytime
Financing available



Come on...How do you do it? (aka "too good to be true")

We are a small American family owned and operated company of musicians

We do not go to conventions or give away monitors to stars, we are already on some of the biggest tours in the world!

We do mass pours of 50 to 100 units at a time and have streamlined our process to be very efficient

We have grown in 13+ years to establish our own proprietary drivers, cords and sockets

All work is done at a facility we own in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and we never sub out work

Word of mouth, grass roots type of advertising...this is where you come in



Fit:Rolling 30 day (untill the fit is perfect!)
Monitors: 1 Year limited with a rolling 30 day fit guarantee
Cords: 90 day limited cord  

(warranty info)





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