AEW12BAND Wireless Band Pack

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Get the whole band on in ears and put your "on stage life" in easy mode!

Can I have more than one mix?

Yes, with the AEW12BAND you can have two mixes

Example: You can run an aux send (lets say: instruments) from the board into the left channel of the wireless transmitter and another mix > aux two (lets say: vocals) into the right channel of the transmitter and then with the body packs in mix mode the pan becomes volume between the two...the more you pan left the more instruments you would have in both ears...the more you pan right the more vocals you would have in both ears. Hard pan left would be all aux send one (instruments) to both ears and hard pan right would be all aux send two (vocals) to both ears. Panning center would give you an equal balance of aux one and aux two in both ears.


Stereo/Dual Diversity w 100mW output
Monitor two different mixes
Female XLR & 1/4" inputs
Male XLR Outputs
Rack mountable with rack ears included


48 pre-programmed frequencies available with the touch of a single button
Frequency agility over a 25 MHz bandwidth
Dual antenna true diversity reception eliminating signal dropout 
Built-in limiter circuitry
Front panel monitoring headphone jack



Foam Case
1 AEW12 Wireless Transmitter with Antenna
4 AEW12 Body Pack Receivers
Rack Ears
Power Supply
(2) 1/4" Cords
(8) AA Batteries
(4) Generic Earbuds
1 Year Limited Warranty

Antenna Extender (moves antenna to front of rack)



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