Shooter Ear Plugs

Custom Shooter Ear Plugs
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AE-SP Shooting plugs provide maximum protection while they let normal sounds get through.
This sound filtering plug gives you the competitive edge in any high noise level activity.


Only the AE-SP allows safe sounds, those below 80dB, to pass virtually unattenuated.
Yet for sounds over 80dB, the AE-SP plug exceeds OSHA's requirements for hearing protection, even up to 120dB.


The patented filters are safely embedded in custom silicone plugs that are individually molded from impressions taken of your ear canals. The result is an incredibly comfortable fit and plugs that stay in place without pressure.


By blocking high decibel background noise, AE-SP increase concentration, heighten awareness and provide added safety.


Alien skilled craftsman hand design and manufacture all of our custom ear pieces for a perfect fit
Our custom Ear plugs are fabricated with the highest quality medical grade silicone that is both soft and comfortable.

Comes with standard Alien case and cleaning tool

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