Rack mounts Included
Backlit LCD
Frequency Range: 903Mhz-926.50Mhz (FCC LICENCED)
Bandwidth: 25Mhz range
Oscillation Mode: PLL Synthesized
Volume Limiter (switch)
Freq Stability: +0.005%
Output Power: Low<10mW> High<100mW> switchable
Spurious Rejection: -60dBc
Freq Response: 50-15,000Hz
T.H.D: 0.5% at max deviation range at 1kHz

Audio Output: Line level x2, XLR (male)

Audio Input: phone jack (1/4") x2 , XLR female x2
Headphone output: 1/4" stereo with volume control
Antenna Connector: TNC (50 ohm impedance)
Dimensions: 210x175x45mm
Transmitter Digital Functions & Displays:
Level Indicators (left & right)
Transmission power indicator
Volume Limiter indicator
Channel indicator
Frequency indicator
Freq Setting (digital switch)
Volume Limiter (digital Switch)
Transmission power setting: (digital switch)
Receiving Mode: Stereo - Dual Diversity (two antenna's)
Frequency Range: 903Mhz-926.50Mhz
Bandwidth: 25Mhz
Oscillation Mode: PLL Synthesized
Freq Stability: +0.005%
Freq Response: 80-15,000Hz @ +3db
Max Deviation Range:+68kHz
Receiving Sensitivity: -107dBm
Squelch Level: -100dBm    -90dBm    -70dBm
Stereo Separation: 35dB
Output Jack: 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack (mini-jack)
Output Power: 32ohm: 2x50mW under 1KHz (T.H.D. 3%)
Headphone Impredance: 16ohm
Power Supply: 2AA Batteries
Current Consumtion: 150mA
Dimensions: 123x65x27mm
Body Pack Digital Functions & Displays: 
Top of body pack: Large Volume knob w panning
Stereo/Mix Output (digital switch)
Several Eq's (digital switch)
Volume Limiter (digital switch)
Freq Channel (digital switch)

Squelch Setting (digital switch)
Battery Indicator
Signal Intensity indicator
Volume Levels of Left & Right Channels indicator